Partnership Council

  • Town of Canmore -
    Lisa Brown

  • Settlement Services in the Bow Valley -
    Jeanie Godfrey

  • Innovate Canmore - Brian McClure

  • Job Resource Centre -
    Sarah MacDonald

  • Bow Valley Primary Care Network -
    Yvette Penman

  • Bow Valley College -
    Wendelin Mistaken Chief

  • Town of Banff
    Ruth Pryor

  • Banff Ministerial Association -
    Kevin Driver

  • Banff Lake Louise Hospitality Association -
    Melanie Brehon

  • Canadian Rockies Public Schools
    Steve Greene

  • Alberta Parks -

  • Parks Canada -
    Victoria Delorme

Immigrant Advisory Group

The Immigrant Advisory Group works alongside the Partnership Council to ensure BVIP decisions are grounded in the lived experience of immigrants.   

Learn more about THE IAG & meet the members.

Working Groups

In 2015, thematic working groups helped develop action plans for the integration strategy. Today, these groups oversee their implementation. Our working groups include:
•        Social Integration:  Planning and implementing actions to foster welcoming attitudes (addressing discrimination and misconceptions about immigrants and newcomers, as well celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion and respect) and strategies to build social connections between immigrants and non-immigrants. This working group works on things like public education campaigns, multicultural celebrations, and more. 

•        Employment: Developing strategies related to employment challenges such as workplace discrimination, employment standards, workplace training, and recognition of foreign credentials and experience. For the past year, this group has focused on planning our Workplace Inclusion Charter. 

•        Education & Language Learning:  Developing strategies related to adult and children's education & language learning needs. This group works on everything from support for language learners to professional development, post-secondary, and lifelong learning opportunities. 

•        Civic & Political Participation: Developing strategies related to civic & political empowerment and mobilization. This working group helps acknowledge and celebrate newcomer volunteerism, develop leadership capacity in the newcomer population, and empower newcomers to participate in civic/political decision making processes. 

•        NEW: Health: Since completing the 2015-2018 strategy, we have become aware of a number of health needs affecting Bow Valley newcomers. The health working group works to respond to current needs and will lead the planning of 2018-2020 integration strategies related to health. 

Interested in joining a working group? 
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