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BVIP is a coalition of people and organizations dedicated to building a welcoming and inclusive community. Together, we work to ensure that all Bow Valley residents can participate, live well, and know they belong.

BVIP is one of approximately 80 Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPS) across Canada that are funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. LIPs build on the services provided by settlement agencies by helping organizations from every sector of the community work together to build welcoming and inclusive communities.

Our main roles include research, strategic planning. and coordination of services. We also help promote welcoming attitudes throughout the community. Currently, we are working together to implement the 2019-2023 Integration Strategy.

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The more than 1 in 5 permanent Bow Valley residents who were born outside of Canada contribute to the social, economic, and civic health of our community. However, newcomers also face barriers that make it challenging to stay, thrive, and participate in community life.

People from all walks of life, all sectors, and all backgrounds have a role to play in addressing these barriers — and we all stand to benefit. As the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration at the University of Southern California found

in regions where immigrant integration is fostered, immigrants perform better and the entire region also thrives.”

Working together, we make our community stronger. You can help.


The current BVIP governance model is built to support implementation of the 2019-2023 Bow Valley Integration Strategy. The partnership includes a central council, committees, work groups, and task forces. Please read on to learn about the role of each group.

BVIP Governance Model 2019-2023 (Diagram).jpg

Partnership Council & Executive Committee

Drawing on the experience and expertise of its member organizations, the BVIP Partnership Council provides the partnership’s overall strategic guidance. Members represent groups with an important role to play in building a welcoming and inclusive community. The Partnership Council meets four times a year. A small sub-committee of the Partnership Council meets more frequently to lead operational decisions. Please click here to learn more about the Partnership Council and meet our current members.

Immigrant Advisory Group

The Immigrant Advisory Group works alongside and advises the Partnership Council to ensure that BVIP decisions are grounded in the lived experience of immigrants. The Immigrant Advisory Group meets four times a year. Please click here to learn more about the Immigrant Advisory Group and meet our current members.


Committees meet four times a year to share information such as emerging needs, organizational updates, resources, and promising practices related to 2019-2023 Bow Valley Integration Strategy priorities. Committees also oversee work groups and can form new groups as new projects are identified. Current committees include:

  • Civic and Social Engagement Committee: Leads planning related to civic participation (volunteerism, voting, leadership etc.), social inclusion, social contentedness, and anti-discrimination.

  • Employment Committee: Leads work to improve inclusion in the workplace and promote labour market integration.

  • Education Committee: Leads planning to meet 2019-2023 Integration Strategy child, youth, and adult education goals.

  • Health Committee: Leads planning around health related Integration Strategy goals, tracks health and health care needs, and coordinates relevant health care services.

  • Settlement Committee: Coordinates federally and provincially funded settlement services. Monitors trends related to immigration, settlement, and integration.

Work Groups & Task Forces

Work groups are made up of a few people working together on the details of a specific project. Task forces address needs or opportunities for which clear strategies or action plans have not yet been created.

Unlike committee meetings, work groups and task forces include no organizational round table sharing. Instead, members meet as often as needed— sometimes by phone or electronic communication—to finalize the details of a project or a plan. Work groups and task forces stop meeting as soon as the project or plan is complete.




As a Community Member-at-Large, you will play an important advisory role in the implementation of the Bow Valley integration strategy. Your role will be to bring the perspective of the wider Bow Valley community into BVIP processes. From time to time, you may also be asked to share BVIP news and insights with the community through your personal networks.  

If you believe your organization has a role to play in one or more of our priority areas, we'd love to have your involvement. As an organizational representative, your role will be to bring the perspective of your organization into the BVIP process and to share BVIP news and insights with your organization.


If you or your organization are interested in learning more about best practices in inclusion or would like to become involved in BVIP but are not sure where you fit, please contact Meagan at bvip@banff.ca or 403-431-0705. 


  • Capacity: Member organizations benefit from ongoing sharing of information about trends, best practices, resources, funding, and training opportunities.

  • Impact: BVIP is an action-focused group that has helped make a real difference in our community. With your help, we can build an even stronger, more inclusive community.

  • Experience: Demonstrate your communication, teamwork, and leadership skills while building community.

  • Professional development: Play an important role in the creation of the next Bow Valley integration strategy; develop professional skills including: group decision making, policy making, diplomacy, leadership, strategy, and communication skills. Some training opportunities may be provided.

  • Knowledge: Learn about the challenges newcomers and what communities can do to help them succeed. Learn more about your community, including programs and resources that are available locally.

  • Connections: Get to know people from across the Bow Valley, including people from all over the world and representatives of a variety of agencies, employers, and governments.

  • Recognition: Be a part of a reputable and dynamic partnership that is works together to build a stronger and more welcoming community.

  • Fun! We value our members’ time and do our best to ensure our meetings are both enjoyable and meaningful.


The responsibilities of members of each BVIP group are explained in the BVIP Terms of Reference.

Overall responsibilities include:

  • Reading and abiding by the BVIP Terms of Reference

  • Reading the 2019-2023 Bow Valley Integration Strategy and helping to implement actions as required

  • Attending a minimum of 3 meetings per year

  • Sharing information between community organizations/groups and BVIP

  • Reviewing and participating in periodic correspondence between meetings

  • Championing welcoming and inclusive communities: promoting the work and values of BVIP through community networks

Typical time commitment: approximately 2 hours/month (more for committee chairs and members of multiple groups).


BVIP members should:

  • Understand the BVIP mandate.

  • Have read and understand the 2019-2023 Integration Strategy and BVIP Terms of Reference.

  • Have knowledge, expertise and/or commitment to promoting inclusion and integration.

  • Work well with others. Experience with consensus decision making is an asset.

  • Live and/or work in Lake Louise, Banff, Canmore, Exshaw, Harvie Heights, Lac Des Arcs, Dead Man's Flats, or Kananaskis.

  • Feel comfortable communicating in English in a supportive and friendly environment.

  • (Organization Representatives only) Have authorization or authority to represent your organization at the BVIP table.

  • Be willing to attend a minimum of 3 meetings per year and commit to participate for a minimum of 1 year.

Terms of Reference

The BVIP Terms of Reference include details on how our groups operate and explain the roles and responsibilities of members. Please review the Terms of Reference before completing an Expression of Interest form, and contact us if you have any questions.

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