Xakiji (cHIEF) Lee Crowchild


Xakiji Lee Crowchild is the third generation Xakiji following in the footsteps of his father, former Xakiji Gordon Crowchild and his grandfather, former Xakiji David Crowchild whom Crowchild Trail is named after.

Having an extensive and varied educational background, Xakiji Crowchild has graduated from Washington State University ‘82 B.Sc.P.E with a focus on biomechanics and Exercise Physiology, the University of British Columbia ’99 Dipl. EDST, Diploma in Film at The Vancouver Film School ‘02, He started at Mount Royal (College) University, where he was asked to return as an instructor.

His achievements extend over many different disciplines and endeavors including and not limited to “The Tom Longboat Award – Canada’s Athlete of the year 1982” “Entrepreneur of the Year 89” from the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and the Khot-La-Cha Award from the University of British Columbia ‘99. He also successfully led a Dance company known as “Red Thunder Native Dance Theatre” for 13 years

He has worked in many capacities and positions within Tsuut’ina. This includes, Manager of Infrastructure,  Director of Public Works, and Emergency Management for the Nation.

Outside the Nation he has also held a wide-range of positions for various boards including APTN Board of Directors and currently is the Chairman ofMaking Treaty 7 Cultural Society Board of Directors.

Chief Lee Crowchild is a man of the people and knows that, “Serving the people – our people – requires diligence, sacrifice, and great earnestness”.

Carol Brouwers

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Carol Brouwers is the Project Coordinator of the Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership.

She has been with the RRLIP since its launch in September of 2014.

Carol’s educational background includes a Social Sciences Degree and numerous certificates in topics such as leadership and non-profit sector leadership, professional and project management.

Carol came to the Local Immigration Partnership role with extensive experience in the non-profit sector, as well as small business experience. As a past Executive Director, community development was key to client and organizational success. It continues to be key in her role with the RRLIP.

Contact: carolb@rrlip.ca

Eric Pires

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Eric began his career in Latin America in the international development sector and has since been working for Canadian non-profits and charities. In 2016 he joined OCASI as a Content Coordinator for Settlement.org, a resource for Canadian newcomers and refugees. In 2017 he moved on to the role of Content and Partnership Coordinator for the newly approved National Settlement Sector Community of Practice.

Contact: epires@ocasi.org


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Sharon Stroick holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Design, specializing in social policy planning.  She is a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and IAP2, the International Association for Public Participation.  Sharon enjoyed a long career as a consultant, where she focused on the use of public involvement in local, regional, and national decision-making processes. 

Sharon then spent four years with Canadian Policy Research Networks as a researcher and Manager of the Family Network.  She wrote several policy reports and edited over 30 research papers on subjects as diverse as social cohesion, affordable housing, and the importance of cities to Canada’s economic and social union. 

In 2003, Sharon joined The City of Calgary to work on affordable housing and homelessness.  She coordinated the Biennial Count of Homeless Persons through 2008 and provided much of the background research used for Calgary’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness.  She became the strategic research and evaluation lead on social sustainability, responsible for measuring the effectiveness of preventive social services funded by Family and Community Support Services in Calgary. 

Sharon is currently the senior Research Social Planner at The City of Calgary and has been the Data and Information Coordinator for the Calgary Local Immigration Partnership since June 2017.  She has been working with the 15 LIPs in the Prairies and Northern Territories region to create a regional performance measurement framework.  As part of that, she has been developing a dashboard to report the performance measurement results, which she presented at the 2018 LIP Learning Event.

Contact: Sharon.Stroick@calgary.ca



Seema has been an active member of the research sector for more than fifteen years now.  She engages with community service providers and decision-makers to advocate with evidence-based data the realities and needs of diverse communities. She aligns the experiences of providers, program users, and potential users with national quantitative data and local data sources. She presents data so to optimize its use for both funders and local agencies and organizations – this has led to more useful conversations between and across the sectors that support families, children, youth, newcomers, and job seekers.

Knowledge, collection of and usage of data have always been a central goal of her work as she has lead communities through data processes that allow them to ask the most pertinent questions and use consultation and quantitative data for organizational and program planning, development, implementation, and outreach. In her work, Seema supports large initiatives that develop infrastructure across cities that support shared measurement, data platforms and sharing mechanisms for organizations and agencies to leverage and benefit from. Seema has been given the opportunity to plan for residents across entire regions at a systems level and has lead community-wide, cross sectorial consultations on identifying the most pressing issues. These discussions have led to innovative collaborations across Peel and York and senior colleagues learning, leveraging and shaping their future thinking from each other.

Her expertise resides in research, evaluation, strategic planning/visioning, mapping, data and measurement, and Collective Impact and Results-Based Accountability facilitation in integrative planning.

Contact: seema.taneja2@gmail.com