Introducing The Bow Valley Workplace Inclusion Charter

Increasingly, businesses are recognizing that inclusive practices improve innovation, retention, and productivity. Research by Deloitte, Catalyst, McKinsey, and more all point to the same conclusion: diverse and inclusive businesses perform better.

Developed by a partnership of community agencies and employers, the Workplace Inclusion Charter makes it easy to support the health, success, and retention of your diverse team members.

Over a 7 month pilot period, participating businesses will sign a declaration announcing their commitment to diversity and inclusion and commit to 5-15 specific, practical changes that have been identified by local service providers as key to supporting inclusion and integration in the Bow Valley.

To support these commitments, an accompanying guidebook provides resources such as draft memos, contacts lists, intercultural communication tips, sample policies, and more.  Additional support is provided by the Bow Valley Immigration Partnership and partner organizations throughout the implementation period.

Along the way, participants report on steps taken, and are publicly recognized as Inclusion Champions as they reach bronze, silver, gold, or platinum commitment milestones. In addition to sharing your achievements in the community and the media, we'll provide certificates and decals you can share with potential and current employees, as well as your customers.